by Tyler Hayes

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, is back with his second single of 2012 titled “So Bright”. Pretty Lights, for those unfamiliar, is electronic powerhouse that often dabbles in all sorts of genres, layering them up to create something unique and hard to classify without actually listening to it. On the new single “So Bright” (Listen to it on Earbits), the track starts off with distorted vocals on top of a funky groove. Without warning, but sly enough not to be jarring the track slips into several different styles before it finishes, all held together by a similar beat that it started with.

Listen to “So Bright” on Earbits

“So Bright” is a bit of a departure from the last Pretty Lights song released earlier in May of this year. On “You Get High“, the same formula of starting one way before gradually flowing from style to style is in tact, but the energy is turned up a bit more. The biggest difference between “So Bright” and the last two tracks released by Pretty Lights is the softening of tones. Previous songs were a bit harsher, more aggressive in tone choice compared to the playful bounce of “So Bright”.

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For those just finding out about Pretty Lights with the newest single, you may be interested to find a wealth of tracks available in his back catalog including 20+ tracks released in 2010 alone. One of the most notable and high profile songs would have to be the Pretty Lights remix of Daft Punk’s “Solar Sailer” which appeared on Disney’s Tron Legacy Reconfigured album that came out last year (2011). Fitting the same pattern as other Pretty Lights songs, the “Solar Sailer” remix ebbs and flows changing in dynamics and feel from start to finish.

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Probably the most diverse EP, ‘Spilling Over Every Side’, released in 2010 would have to be one of my favorites. From the funky and synth driven opener to chaotic “Hot Like Dimes” each song has a distinct personality. Not only on the forefront of mixing sounds, Smith is also leading the way making songs freely available to download on his website. In fact, you can download the entire Pretty Lights Music catalog on Pretty Lights Music.

Though the songs may have been primarily designed to shine in the clubs, Smith’s music has a certain accessibility to it that other music in the same genre might not. The latest single “So Bright” reinforces the mainstream appeal while sticking to everything that long time fans can appreciate. One of the brightest tracks in a string of great releases, it appears Pretty Lights is only honing in on what they excel at.

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