Next week is going to be huge for album releases.  Here are some of the albums set to be released on Tuesday.

Alice Cooper— Welcome 2 My Nightmare

The king of shock rock is back with a new studio album— loosely described as the follow up to his 1975 album Welcome to My Nightmare (as a Dr. Dre fan, this makes me skeptical as to how long the world actually will have to wait for Detox).  Welcome 2 My Nightmare will include an eclectic mix of additional performers, including Rob Zombie and, perhaps more surprisingly, Ke$ha.  Cooper has recently declared that Lady Gaga is the “female version of [him],” but hopefully he won’t be looking for his sales numbers to match up too closely with the current queen of pop.

Anthrax— Worship Music

Worship Music is Anthrax’s tenth studio album and their first release of original material in eight years.  Judging by the album artwork and the band’s history, this ain’t gonna be your typical gospel record.

Blitzen Trapper— American Goldwing

American Goldwing is the sixth full-length album from Blitzen Trapper— one of the powerhouses of Sub Pop’s increasingly prominent redefined folk-oriented indie lineup.

Das Racist— Relax

Relax is the official debut of Das Racist— a group I’ve previously described as “the hipster Lonely Island.”  Prior to Relax, Das Racist have released a few solid mixtapes filled with referential, often obscure humor.  No matter the band’s degree of seriousness, it’s undeniable that these guys are actually pretty good rappers that know their cultural history.

Girls— Father, Son, Holy Ghost

If you’re at all familiar with Girls’ intriguing religious backstory, you’ll recognize Father, Son, Holy Ghost as a fitting title for the band’s second album (the group’s singer Christopher Owens was a former member of the Children of God cult).  While that storyline is an interesting one, hopefully the music holds up.

Grouplove— Never Trust A Happy Song

Grouplove’s title choice for their debut album immediately makes me skeptical of the group, judging by their immensely catchy and upbeat single “Colours.”  Even with that self-inflicted warning inscribed on the cover, this album should prove a joyful ride.

Primus— Green Naugahyde

Primus sucks!  But they’re back this Tuesday with their first full album since 1999.  It’s gonna be funky, and it’s gonna be weird.

St. Vincent— Strange Mercies

As attractive as Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent) may be (with a voice to match), she’s also equipped with an almost terrifying mastery of experimental sounds and instrumental layering.  Strange Mercies should be an intelligent, if not challenging, disc of indie rock songs.

Wild Flag— Wild Flag

Wild Flag is a so-called supergroup of female indie rock stars, but the band’s self-titled debut album is likely to sound fresh (perhaps because none of the members of the group are immediately recognizable outside their relatively niche genre, perhaps because they work well together).

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