Matador Records posted a lengthy announcement on their blog today detailing information about the forthcoming album from Northern California hardcore punks Ceremony.  Entitled Zoo, the album is Ceremony’s first with Matador Records and the band’s fourth studio album overall.  It is set to be released on March 6th, 2012.  Ceremony has a history of being one of the hardcore scene’s most unusual and progressive bands— occasionally pushing the genre outside of its loud, short, and fast comfort zone.

It seems as if they’ll continue to push the genre in new, different directions with Zoo. Matador Records also released “Hysteria,” the lead track off the new album, for free download via its website. The song is considerably longer (still finishing in under 3 minutes) and less-screamy than previous releases, although it retains recognizable elements of the signature Ceremony sound.  Perhaps typically-enraged singer Ross Farrar is simply happy that his band has a comfortable recording deal with Matador?  That may be true, but considering Ceremony’s other releases, Farrar will find something to yell about on the new record.

This announcement is exciting and the album is highly anticipated, but it’s too bad it’s not coming out within the next few weeks— then I (or someone funnier) could’ve made a timely and hilarious We Bought A Zoo joke on Twitter.

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