Today I had one of the most hilarious and gratifying Earbits experiences yet.

I had a meeting scheduled with a very well known angel investor.  We were supposed to meet up at the office of one of LA’s accelerators but, when I showed up there, he explained that it was crowded, loud, and we might be better off grabbing coffee down the street.  So we did.

We walked to a cafe on Santa Monica Blvd and grabbed a table outside.  As I drank my coffee and he enjoyed a smoothie, he and I talked at length about the company and he understood our business on a level that many other people I meet with don’t.  Throughout our chat I was, of course, explaining to him how Earbits is going to change the music industry and that the results we’re producing for bands are unparalleled.

Then, a funny thing happened.

As we’re sitting there, a random man approaches us and politely interrupts.  “Excuse me,” he said to me, “I just want to thank you for everything you do for independent artists.”

Immediately I started laughing in my own head.  Oh how staged this must look.  What are the odds that, in the middle of a meeting on Santa Monica Blvd, someone who knows about Earbits would not only walk by, but recognize me?  This wasn’t Palo Alto where everybody knows the hot startups.  This was LA, and this was one of our limited clients.  It was classic.

He went on to explain that his name is Arthur and that he’s had his music on Earbits for 8 months.  He said he had seen me speak either on the web or at an event, and he knew we had been in Y Combinator.  It would have been enough for him to just say that he knew about us, but Arthur took it further.  He went on for a good 60 seconds about how we are changing the music industry and that he truly appreciated everything we’ve put into creating a platform that really helps artists like him.  It was over the top and the timing was impeccable.

Seriously, it was both touching and hysterical at the same time.  Here I am trying to convince an investor that we’ve built something truly remarkable, when a stranger on the street comes up and sings our praises.  It was uncanny.

As Arthur walked away, I burst into uncontrollable laughter.  “Come on,” said the investor, “how much did you pay that guy?”

“I swear, that is the weirdest thing that has ever happened.”

The investor told me he knew I could not have planned that because faking such a thing would have been horribly cheezy, and it would have.

But it wasn’t fake.  It was awesome.

There are too many Arthurs in our system, surprisingly, for me to know who it was, but wherever you are, Arthur, we appreciate you, too.  That was incredible and hilarious.

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