If Tyler, The Creator truly wanted to distance himself from the “horrorcore” genre label that he persistently renounced on his second album, Goblin, he’s not doing a very good job.  However, that’s great news for fans of the rapper’s large catalogue of undeniably creepy, near maniacal work.

The video for Tyler’s latest, Frank Ocean-assisted single “She” debuted on Odd Future’s website last night, and it’s likely the creepiest hip-hop music video you will have ever seen.  A masked Tyler hovers over his female neighbor as she watches TV, sneaks into her room while she’s sleeping, and performs other crazed, stalkerish actions mentioned in the song.  If you’re alone in your bedroom at night, I’d suggest waiting until daylight to view the video.

Despite (or because of, rather) the video’s creepiness, it’s also compelling and entertaining to watch.  Fans of HBO’s True Blood likely remember how scary that season was when the evil Maryann turned people’s eyes completely black, causing them to do things they wouldn’t normally do.  Tyler’s eyes are similarly blacked out (as they were in his critically acclaimed “Yonkers” video), further adding to the video’s level of madness.  Although we know in real life Tyler’s a goofy guy that loves to mess with people (see “Thurnis Haley Golf Wang”), his performance in “She” can’t help but lead you to think there’s a bit of a crazed person living somewhere deep inside of him.

As eerie as “She” is, it’s not without a taste of that signature Odd Future humor.  Tyler not only plays his own stalker self, but he also dons a gray wig, mustache and suit to play the jealous, angry husband of the main female character— a style reminiscent of many of the Chappelle’s Show characters.  I can’t wait for Odd Future’s forthcoming TV show, set to debut at some point in the future on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

For now, enjoy “She.”

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