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It was the late 90’s, and at any given time, on any given road throughout the greater Sacramento area, a green ’89 Ford Probe could be seen exceeding the speed limit and blasting an assortment of tunes out of its open windows.  The songs varied in style, but the volume was consistent: loud as shit.  Always.  It was not rare for the Probe to receive a scoff from the driver of the car next to them, followed by windows rolling up.

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Sometimes there was a destination in mind, other times, the inhabitants just drove around for the fun of it.  Hours on end were spent exploring, and experiencing the soundtrack of their youth.  No matter what the mission was, there was one constant: Music.

One band in particular would invoke a particular reaction from the driver and his passenger(s).  It could not be explained, but once Les Claypool uttered those eleven little words…

“Tommy the Cat is my name, and I say unto thee!”

It was on.  The spectacle that would follow is something that legends are made of.  Passengers and driver alike whipped into a full-fledged mosh pit, complete with crowd-surfing from front seat to back.  Once exposed to the nastiness that comes out of a Primus tune, they were unable to contain themselves.

The “In-Car-Mosh-Pit” was born.

The driver of that Probe was none other than Earbits CEO, Joey Flores.  The passenger?  Well, most of the time that was me.  And thanks to the fine folks at ATO Records, the In-Car-Mosh-Pit featuring Primus lives again!

Primus’ newest record, ‘Green Naugahyde’ has all of the vim and vigor of their old material, with a polished side that can only come with two decades of playing together.  Elements of their old albums come and go throughout the record, but one thing can be said for sure: Primus is still a freaking musical machine.  Be sure to check out the bass groove on “Hennepin Crawler”, as well as some of the quirkiness that you’re used to from Les & the gang on “Last Salmon Man”.

Do yourself a favor – check out Green Naugahyde by Primus on Earbits, and remember –


(Editor’s Note: Earbits does not condone nor suggest the “In-Car-Mosh-Pit”. I mean, come on – that’s crazy. Who would actually do that?)


Randy Goss
Business Development Manager,
[email protected]

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