Today we’re starting a one-week spotlight of one of our artists on her way up, Jesse Thomas, who has graced us with an exclusive release of her new single, Sidewalk Ends, off of her forthcoming album, War Dancer (Tuesday, Feb 14th – PRE-ORDER NOW!).  While we love Jesse, this blog post isn’t about that.  Instead, I want to show a little love to the people behind the artists; in Jesse’s case, independent label, Red Parade, led by Jim Roach.

Can you call a one-man operation out of a small studio in the valley a label?  If the aforementioned man happens to find stellar talent, develop that talent, produce industry superlative records, secure physical and digital distribution for artists, in addition to successfully marketing & promoting said artists, then yes; you call it a label.   And Jesse’s forthcoming album is the label’s first full-length release.  It’s also a fitting coming out party for both, as Jesse was the label’s first artist, signed back in 2009.

Listen to Red Parade artist JESSE THOMAS on Earbits Radio!


After chatting a bit with Jim, I think he’s got the right formula for the right time in this industry.  Majors are declining, indies are re-structuring deals, and unsigned artists are getting more done for themselves than they’ve ever been able to before.  Jim uses his (considerable) resources to produce handpicked artists, who understand that the label can only do so much.   Each artist becomes a partner in their own career and will blast emails and self promote and bang on doors.  Each pursues success with the same fervor as they did before Jim came along. Don’t get me wrong, Jim knows what he’s doing and Red Parade is as legit a label as I know of, but I’m also crediting his foresight in choosing to work with artists who will work as hard for their careers as he will.

Listen to Red Parade artist KINGVOLT on Earbits Radio!


Thus far, Red Parade has had its most success with Jesse, but they’re expecting big things from their newer artists.  The band, The Young Romans, have a song licensed in the upcoming feature film with Ewan McGregor & Emily Blunt, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  The band will also be the iTunes indie download of the week starting on March 6th, which is the release day of their first full length, Tiger Child.  I caught a performance of Jim’s newest artist, Kingvolt recently, and was blown away.  The dude can hit notes previously discovered by Freddie Mercury and the guy from The Darkness.  Oh, he can also play the guitar like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Watch Red Parade artist The Young Romans perform “Lemon Trees”


In short, I admire what Jim’s doing and whom he’s doing it with; Jim, keep up the good work and continue delivering killer music to us, please. Check out his artists on Earbits and buy their respective albums on iTunes.

– Scott Feldman | Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

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