By name alone, there are few cooler festivals than the Punk Rock Bowling Festival.  Sasquatch takes a close second.  Lollapalooza is fun to say, too, I guess.  But the Punk Rock Bowling Festival combines two of humanity’s most noteworthy inventions— punk rock and bowling, obviously.  The festival started in 1999 but has continued to grow into a more traditional, 3-day, outdoor festival.  It takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The lineup for this year’s festival includes headliners Devo, Bad Religion and The Damned.  Flag, one of the two Black Flag reunion groups currently touring (this one featuring Keith Morris, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson but NOT Greg Ginn, who’s touring with a different group under the moniker Black Flag).  There’s also a bowling tournament of 252 teams (although the price of entry, at $300, is a bit high for most punk fans that I know).

In addition to the awesome lineup for the outdoor festival, the organizers of the event recently announced a slew of club shows taking place in the Las Vegas area.  The scheduled shows include sets by Agnostic Front, 7 Seconds, The Lawrence Arms, Me First & The Gimme Gimme’s, and Nothington.  And those are just the bands that are my favorites.  For more information, check out the festival’s website.

To get you in the spirit, click here to listen to Agnostic Front on Earbits.

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