At some point, somewhere, someone went through every Nicolas Cage movie and edited together only the parts where he was screaming. At another point, someone else went through every Aaron Sorkin film and TV show and edited together tons of similar phrases. Sometimes, from a massive library of work, we only want certain parts.  The internet can make that happen.

If you’ve always wanted an album that combines every time Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes have appeared on a song together as well as new material from the two hip-hop legends, then you have both strange desires and good taste, and that material has arrived in the form of a free, downloadable .zip file.

The mixtape, entitled The Abstract & The Dragon, was conceived after the release of “Thank You,” a Bus-A-Bus and Abstract song that features Lil’ Tunechi and Yeezy in all their nickname glory.  “Thank You” has an old-school flair fans of the first two MCs should be familiar with, as they trade flows back and forth throughout the duration of the simplistic beat.

The two must’ve realized that, despite decades in the game, they’re still going strong (unlike Steve Nash on my Fantasy basketball team right now).  So they dropped a tape to celebrate.  Vivrant.

There are several songs that have already been released in some form or another, but the theme of the mixtape remains consistent: all songs feature both Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip.  Some songs are skits created exclusively for the mixtape, as the two MCs describe their working relationship together and other random topics.

Even the songs that have already been released are gems, such as the Talib Kweli-featuring song composed over J Dilla’s “Lightworks.” Busta Rhymes also sneaks in a verse on A Tribe Called Quest track “Oh My” (via Stereogum).  Check out the mixtape via Livemixtapes.

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