by Tyler Hayes

Ray Recordings Sampler One is a collection of Jazz-kissed songs assembled by producer and songwriter, Filippo Gaetani. Gaetani has run Ray Recordings for the last decade, which currently takes shape as a mobile production company more than anything else. 24 tracks on the first sampler, all containing a cohesive elasticity in which they exist. While all songs will have their own fans and are good in their own right, some definitely jump out, deserving recognition more than the others.

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Martin Klein’s “Did I Ever Let You Know” leads off with a tender opening and, though the tempo may pick up slightly from its beginning, the tenderness in Klein’s voice continues throughout. The song perfectly depicts the overall feel of the compilation and sets expectations right on par.

In the middle of the long sampler, Adrina Thorpe has her second track, titled “Everything Changes”. The upbeat, bouncy song is a quickly sung gem. Memorable and extremely catchy, the song laments the changing of seasons in someone life while looking on toward the future. If not the best song of the bunch, it definitely comes close.

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Phil McCammon provides one of the most distinct numbers, with “T-shirt Sweat”. A song title that won’t easily be forgotten, “T-shirt Sweat” is one of the heavier tracks, yet manages to fit comfortably between Malina’s “Gently Hard” and Tessa Drummond’s softer “Call Me”. Guitar heavy rhythm provides most of the song’s attraction, and by the end, should have you singing along with little effort.

“Julia” by Peter Doran is a delicate tune, reflective in lyric and tone. With a lazy Sunday or a quiet afternoon walk, the song could easily produce nostalgia filled daydreams, causing the listener to hit “play” over and over. Different in nature than Adrina Thorpe’s “Everything Changes, “Julia” may be a contender for the most popular track of the compilation.

No matter your mood, Ray Recordings Sampler One undoubtedly has something for you. The soft and quiet tracks are in abundance, yet the upbeat and unique tracks make appearances just when you want them to. The sampler is currently available on as a completely free download. And since it’ll take more than a single sitting to take in all that this collection offers, you’ll most certainly want to download it and take it with you.

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