Well, Christmas has come and passed.  Did you get what you wanted from Santa?  A shiny new bike?  A gift certificate for McDonald’s?  A renewed subscription to Reader’s Digest?

We’ll Earbits got exactly what we wanted – a crapload of new users from the Chrome Store and Angry Birds teams.  Somebody give those guys and gals some milk and cookies!

Our Partnership with Chrome and Rovio

I can’t say it was an accident.  I pestered the Chrome team for a good 2 months about potential partnership opportunities.  “Come back when you’re all Chromified,” they said, and who could blame ’em.  Well, in November our good friend Christos from the Chrome team came to us with an Angry Birds marketing partnership that was right up our alley.  All we had to do was promote Chrome and Angry Birds Seasons for Chrome to our users, and Angry Birds and Chrome would promote Earbits via a hidden level that you could only unlock by trying out Earbits.  Given that everybody loves Angry Birds and Chrome is the best browser on the planet, this was a no-brainer.

How did it go?

Well, we’re nearing the end of our wonderful promotion and I’m happy to report that Chrome is now one of the largest contributors to Earbits growth since the launch of the company.  How many users have we received from the Chrome Store?  As of this writing – about 65,000 high quality listeners.  No, seriously, Chrome users are some of the most engaged and active users we get from anywhere.  It is awesome and we love our Chrome users!

The exciting news is that, as a result of this promotion, we’re also now listed in the Most Popular Apps section of the Chrome Store.  Registrations for Earbits have gone up considerably, with the peak of the campaign hitting the Top 5 most registrations we’ve gotten in a single day, twice.  It’s now settled back to about twice as many registrations per day as we were getting prior to the campaign, and showing little sign of slowing down.

Long story short, Earbits is kicking ass headed into 2012 and it’s because we’re now as shiny as Chrome.

Thank You Chrome and Rovio’s Angry Birds

We want to thank the Chrome and Rovio Teams for doing an incredible job with this promotion.  If you’re not already a Chrome user (there is something wrong with you), you can install Chrome with Angry Birds and Earbits already included, or just go get Angry Birds for Chrome.  You’ll be blasting pigs out of snow in no time.

Joey Flores
CEO, earbits.com
[email protected]
Listen at www.earbits.com
Connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/earbits
Listen on iPhone: itunes.apple.com/us/app/earbits-radio/id397894402
Twitter: @earbits

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