Alright, I’ll come out and say it, and please don’t hate me, but when it comes to hard rock, my bar for female vocalists is set pretty fucking high.  It’s a rare lady who can bring the sort of angst I crave to progressive rock and other hard genres, and that’s why last night’s Good Hurt show with Lucid Fly, featuring Nikki Layne on the steel, was light years beyond a pleasant surprise.

Simply put, Lucid Fly is the real deal. Their music, combined with their extreme professionalism and drive, is going to take them places that most bands only dream of.

Not only does Lucid Fly write great songs, but they nail them live and bring an energy to the stage that, frankly, a lot of small club bands don’t.  Throughout the show I found myself unfairly comparing them to favorite bands of mine – Taproot, Deftones, A Perfect Circle – because Lucid Fly begs comparison with these epic rockers.  Their riffs are monstrous, the rhythm section drives like a train, and Nikki has the chops to go the distance.  By the end of the night I was convinced that the only thing that stands between Lucid Fly and a big stage at Mayhem or any other festival, is a smart booking agent.  These guys are a real production away from blowing your mind.

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The band started the night with several heavy progressive tracks before settling into a few “acoustic” songs, with a guest percussionist on the cajon.  It was a great set, and the transition from heavy to acoustic and back again was a killer touch that added much needed depth to any show that’s going to win over new fans.  I hate to beat a dead horse, but I kept thinking that this set on any festival stage is going to have people leaving as sweat-drenched, lifetime fans.  It had depth, dynamic and clearly demonstrated Lucid Fly’s pro level musicianship.

Long story short, get out and see a Lucid Fly show while you can still stand 5 feet from the stage.  I guarantee the opportunity won’t last long.

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