Honestly, if you follow digital music at all, you’ve been hearing about the impending emergence of Spotify on US soil since 1843.  At this point, you may mistakenly hear Sarah Palin say that Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride was to warn US music companies of Spotify’s arrival.  (Seriously, is it that different than what she really said?)

For the last week we’ve been hearing that not only have they closed deals with 3 of the 4 major labels, but “at least one Spotify executive claims Warner Music Group is in the bag,” as reported by Digital Music News.

Let me just put this out there…

Spotify has been saying they’re coming to the US for as long as Earbits has been in existence.  Every few weeks, they’re closer, then they’re further, then they’re closer, and it’s always some leak of information saying they’re closer.  It’s always one executive that says they’ve closed a deal, then someone else says that Warner is ice cold on licensing them, and official Spotify reps never say anything meaningful except that they’re working on it.  Frankly, not only is there no way to know what’s true, there’s starting to be no reason to care.

The most recent story is they’ve got a deal but they made some compromises to get the deal.  Their UK service already limits free usage to 10 hours per month.  With Pandora providing 40 hours with limited ads and commercials, and a half dozen on-demand services that provide similar catalogs at similar prices, who the hell gives a crap about 10 hours of free music with a nifty upsell process?  Say what you will about Grooveshark’s semi-legal approach to on-demand streaming – at least consumers can get most of what they want with no restrictions, and I don’t see any of them rushing to Spotify to take advantage of their ad-infested free version, let alone the paid version that is comparable to half a dozen US companies still struggling to gain market share.

By the time Spotify gets here, whenever that may be, they’re going to let you listen to three 30 second samples of songs you can hear on Youtube for free and then ask you to upgrade so that you can listen on your “dog and bone” (that’s British for phone).

I am beginning to think that the “at least one Spotify exec” is a shill whose sole job is to plant stories about the upcoming arrival of Spotify in the US in order to keep Americans interested in a product that will be all but obsolete by the time it gets here.  Their only differentiator from US companies is that they’re not available in the US.

Honestly, there is Rdio, Rhapsody, Pandora, Grooveshark, MOG, Youtube, MP3Tunes, MSpot, and even Earbits all here satisfying the listening needs of Americans.  Then you have this company with just 1 million (self-proclaimed) paid subscribers boasting that they’re coming any minute to take over the American market.

Seriously….Spotify or get off the pot.  Are you coming or are you not?  If you are, then do.  If you’re not, then shut up.

And please, to all of the digital music news sources out there, don’t you have anything better to write about than the upcoming, then delayed, then upcoming, then delayed arrival of a service that, by the time it gets here will have so many restrictions on it that most Americans are going to laugh at it’s failure to differentiate itself from products that have been here for years?  It’s successful in the UK.  So what?  So is Marmite.

The British are coming!  The British are coming!  Honestly, who cares.

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