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One of my favorite music journalists and hip-hop bloggers, Jeff Weiss, had a humorous tweet the other day.  It read— “You know what’s better than your Wu-Tang mashup.  Wu-Tang.”  He was undoubtedly commenting on yet another release from a set of skilled computer users that combines Wu-Tang Clan songs with those of another band– this time post-hardcore masterminds Fugazi.

First of all, Weiss’s tweet was obvious.  No matter what, a mashup of any artist, let alone Wu-Tang, is probably not going to be as good as the original.  Wu-Tang has a new album coming out on July 26th of this year entitled Legendary Weapons, and it’s bound to be massively better than any mashup work.  And, at first, the Wugazi combination doesn’t make much sense.

90s nostalgia is no new concept.  Any one that lived through the decade is likely to have spent at least a few moments reminiscing about boy bands, President Clinton, and the early days of the internet.  There was even that whole VH1 show about the decade.

But now more than ever, it seems as if the 90s style and attitude is swinging back to the forefront of popular culture.