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Ever since they burst on the scene a couple of years ago, Odd Future reenergized hip-hop with a youthful punk energy rarely seen throughout the past decade.  A strong crop of young rappers has emerged since that time period, and many of them possess a similarly energetic spirit.  Out of all of them, Action Bronson might just be the most punk rock.

Early on in Bronson’s early-afternoon set at Coachella, the rapper stood next to a crowd of people, grabbed a fan’s sandwich and bit into it, holding his mic to the side.  The beat blared in the background as he commented on the food and grabbed blunts and cigars from audience members.

Fans of electronic music and the slew of events that the organizers behind HARD put on in various cities throughout the United States have been asking the above question for a while now, as Hard Summer is one of the company’s premier shows.

The answer to that question arrived today, and the lineup is quite impressive (although probably not surprising to regular Hard-attendees).

Topping the bill is Skrillex, which, of course, is one of those unsurprising choices.  Also at the top of the official flyer is Bloc Party, a group that’s been combining dance rhythms with indie rock aestheticism for a while now.