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Earbits for Android is here and it’s awesomer than you could have imagined.

Earbits for Android

Not only does it play all of the Earbits music you love, it also recommends channels based on the music on your phone, and then it blends your music into our channels!

Do you have the Black Keys on your phone? You’ll find them in the Earbits Blues Rock channel. Do you have Miles Davis? Then he’ll be in your Earbits Jazz channel. You now get the power of Earbits music discovery, blended with your favorite tracks.

Earbits for Android

It’s funny how much you update people about your company before you launch, but after you launch, you’re too busy to keep people abreast of all of the great things you’re doing.  Well, we have been kicking ass and taking names on the down low, and now we’re ready to get everybody up to speed.

Earbits.com Now Has 18 Channels of Badass Music

As of this morning, we now have 18 channels of fantastic music for you to discover.  When you’re done reading this amazing blog post (note: sarcasm), you can head over and listen to: