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I never thought that Led Zeppelin would have an actual Facebook page (an OFFICIAL Facebook page), but, apparently, they do. And, for the last couple of days, they’ve been utilizing the site as a marketing tool for some sort of mysterious project.

On Saturday, a simple image of the word “FIVE” in Led Zeppelin-style writing/color scheme appeared on the band’s page.  On Sunday, they posted “Four” and today they posted the roman numeral three.  It appears as if the announcement is set to arrive on Wednesday, but its still entirely unclear as to what exactly the band is planning to announce.

…And the reunions keep on rolling.  First, the Promise Ring and now…. Five Iron Frenzy.  THEY’RE BACK!!!!!! SKA IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!

That’s the reaction me and my friends from my early-teen years had today when the band announced that they’re planning on reuniting and releasing an album of entirely new material.  For those that don’t know, Five Iron Frenzy is a Christian(ish) ska band that formed in the mid-90s and rose to prominence during ska’s “third wave.”