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It was the late 90’s, and at any given time, on any given road throughout the greater Sacramento area, a green ’89 Ford Probe could be seen exceeding the speed limit and blasting an assortment of tunes out of its open windows.  The songs varied in style, but the volume was consistent: loud as shit.  Always.  It was not rare for the Probe to receive a scoff from the driver of the car next to them, followed by windows rolling up.

When L.A.’s The Bronx announced they’d be performing mariachi tunes under the alter-ego Mariachi El Bronx a few years ago, I didn’t exactly believe them.  Then, when I heard the songs, I didn’t believe my ears.  The loud, screamed vocals from The Bronx records were replaced with almost softly sung melodies.  Although The Bronx was/is a great punk rock band, Mariachi El Bronx truly is a great mariachi group.  They play the genre fairly straightforwardly, although there’s something undeniably distinct about the sound.  They have been performing at various U.S. festivals and are set to embark on a North American tour opening for Foo Fighters later this year.