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The Five W’s:  Breaking down some of the best bands on Earbits Radio in simplistic terms through journalism’s classic formula.

Who: The Seldon Plan are Michael Nestor, Dave Hirner, Frank Corl, and Chris Ehrich.

What: Intelligent indie rock with literary lyricism.

Where: Baltimore, Maryland

When: No upcoming shows listed.

I thought emotionally-charged heavy music had fallen off the musical map ever since “emo” became a dirty word, but there’s a whole new crop of emotional post-hardcore (yes that is a euphemism for “screamo,” basically) bands that are young and extremely popular.  I found out about Touché Amore, an LA-based hardcore group, a couple of weeks ago.  I bought tickets to their 11/13 show at the Echoplex because I liked their latest album, Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me, so much.  Luckily I bought tickets early, because the show eventually sold out.  Apparently more people than I suspected are still listening to this type of music.  And it’s much better than it was 10 years ago.