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Little Bird’s American Spirits LP begins with a complex and upbeat drumbeat followed by a harp solo that could be described with similar adjectives.  Each of the songs continues in a similar manner, combining acoustic guitars, bass, drums and other instruments to create a sound that, if nothing else, makes American music fun again.

The band’s sound is akin to pop-oriented jam bands that blend a variety of styles, including funk, jazz, folk and rock. The group’s alternative approach to its music is also slightly reminiscent of the band Born Ruffians, but I might just be thinking that because that group is the force behind the popular song about a little bird. I think the similarity lies within the vocals.

It takes time to move a mountain. The Westchester, NY-based band must have been aware of this when they named themselves Moving Mountains. Their songs are slow yet upbeat, allowing themselves the proper time to build.

The band recently released a video for “Swing Set,” a track off the band’s forthcoming self-titled album. The song is part of a series of videos leading up to the album, which consist of the band simply playing the respective songs in the studio.

“Endless” and “Eternal” are essentially synonyms.  But when talking about pop culture, don’t get ’em confused.  The Endless Summer is a surf movie from the 60s.  Eternal Summers are an indie rock band.  Both are good things to enjoy on a warm summer day.

Today, listen to Eternal Summers.  The group is in the process of promoting the release of their second album, Correct Behavior.  In anticipation of that release, they’re giving the track “You Kill” away for free download.  It’s currently available for stream/download via Rolling Stone.  The song is a laid-back, riff-heavy tune tailor-made for hot days (like today’s scorcher in L.A.).  I’m sure the song’d hold up even the wintertime— as the band’s name suggests.. they should bring the summertime to mind at all times.

Man in the Mirror

Fear not – this post has nothing to do with Michael Jackson – although, now that we’re here, I will say that the outro of that song is WAAY too long.


The heading of todays post is a suggestion – a little tid bit of advice that I once got many years before I was ready to take it.

“Eleanor – can you actually hear yourself?”

“No, I don’t like listening to myself.”

Eeeee – wrong response!

What if you walked in on a painter, tripped over their easel in the pitch black of a dark room.

Being in a band is like running a very unorthodox and difficult-to-manage small business.  Even if you’ve got support from a label,  the day-to-day financial transactions can bog down what really matters when it comes to being in a band— making and performing music.  It’s a cycle, though.  In order to make music and perform, of course, bands have to spend money.  Recording equipment or studio time, gas for the touring van, guitar picks— it all adds up.  And since most bands have more than one member, problems can easily arise from financial situations.