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Eso Tre is one-half of the hip hop powerhouse, Substance Abuse

If you were a rapper who lived in or around the 510 area code in the ‘90’s, you knew what it was like to gaze at the beautiful east bay hills with a sense of hope, knowing that being fiercely lyrical and unwilling to “grow up” (a euphemism for when rappers put out boring stuff) was not an impediment to a major label deal and stardom that transcended what rapper Encore referred to as “street buzz”.  As an L.A. transplant living in Oakland I only caught the tail end of this period of optimism, but such were the times and geographic setting that produced one of the Left Coast’s most enigmatic and underrated lyricists, an emcee known as Motion Man.

Well, if we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, Go big or go home!

That’s why, today, we are (ridiculously) excited to announce a partnership with San Francisco’s largest regional website.

This morning, in partnership with the San Francisco Chronicle and Hearst Publishing, we launched SF Gate Radio!  Accessible from nearly every page of SFGate.com’s Entertainment, Nightlife and Things To Do sections, and with additional support in the San Francisco Chronicle and 96 Hours…

SF Gate Radio features only artists from the Bay Area or bands with upcoming live performances scheduled in the region