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Mark Cote's 'Fun House of Your Mind'One of the common criticisms of digital music is that it lacks the artwork and, of course, tangibility found on cassettes, vinyl records and CDs, among other forms of music distribution.  It’s a treat, then, when an artist takes the time to craft a visually appealing album.

That’s exactly what singer/songwriter Mark Cote has done with his new album, entitled Funhouse Of Your Mind.  The disc comes enclosed in a visually appealing case, featuring a design style similar to that found on the artist’s website.  The intriguing design adds to Cote’s concept behind the album, which deals with the various emotions contained within the complex “funhouse” of the mind.

earbits is working with Barbara Sobel from Sobel Promotions, who has accelerated the recruitment of a lot of great artists for us, and is an all around awesome person to be partnered with.  Barbara’s going to be conducting interviews with artists and providing us with great, relevant independent music content.  Today is the first installment of Barbara’s ongoing contribution to earbits – an interview with talented new artist CiJay.

CiJay - Rock, Dance and Christian Music ArtistCiJay is an Indie artist from Richmond Virgina, who is a singer, song writer and plays several instruments such as the guitar, piano and trumpet. He is being promoted by Sobel Promotions.