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Over her almost 40 year musical career, Björk herself has tried (and done) almost everything. Her records range from the maximal to the minimal, from the grand, art-pop menagerie that was Post, to the stripped down, all-vocal Medulla, to the subtle, organic electronics on Biophilia. And what’s truly remarkable is not only that she’s done so much and done it with such precision, clarity, and raw emotion, but how exactly she’s made this happen over the years. The answer, to my mind, lies in the fact that her need to venture into new territory doesn’t stop at the music that comes out on her major releases.

The 55th Grammy Awards are scheduled to take place on February 10th on CBS.  This year, as in years past, artists on the Earbits roster are strongly represented as nominees for awards in various categories.  The Earbits artists nominated by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences come from diverse backgrounds and genres— from pop superstar Paul McCartney to jazz percussion mastermind Bobby Sanabria.  We even have an artist nominated for “Record Of The Year,” the award ceremony’s highest honors.  Check out the entire list of Grammy-nominated Earbits artists from this year below, and click to listen to each one.