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At some point, somewhere, someone went through every Nicolas Cage movie and edited together only the parts where he was screaming. At another point, someone else went through every Aaron Sorkin film and TV show and edited together tons of similar phrases. Sometimes, from a massive library of work, we only want certain parts.  The internet can make that happen.

If you’ve always wanted an album that combines every time Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes have appeared on a song together as well as new material from the two hip-hop legends, then you have both strange desires and good taste, and that material has arrived in the form of a free, downloadable .zip file.

On “Rocket Ships,” the new song from Talib Kweli’s forthcoming LP Prisoner of Conscious, the rapper accurately encapsulates the Facebook and Twitter feeds of many of my former friends in one simple line: “They saying that we need a revolution but their passion is reduced to all caps in a computer.”  Too often social media sites are clogged with back-and-forth banter (between individuals with totally opposite, unchanging ideologies) that moves problems nowhere but backwards.  I’m not sure if Talib Kweli does much more than express his passion through the microphone, but at least that reaches a larger audience and creates a more interesting discussion.  Judging by the title of his new album, that’s what he plans to do with his new songs.