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Drake took over the hip-hop charts, Justin Bieber took over the pop charts (and the world), and Canada’s new era of pop culture domination has begun.  If you’re placing bets on the next big artist to emerge from The Great White North, it’d be a smart move to put a few Canadian dollars on Ryan Hemsworth.

Hemsworth hails from Halifax, and he’s a young beatmaker and electronic music producer.  He’s prolific with both his remixes and his original songs, and he possesses a style that seems to be in high demand these days from rappers and other producers alike: chilled-out, slow-motion and spacy beats with glitchy percussion.  He also loans out beats to MCs.

For their two studio albums, Canadian two-piece Japandroids have chosen titles that accurately fit their style.  Their 2009 debut was called Post-Nothing, a fitting fuck-you to the post-modern, post-punk, post-rock, post-anything genres that clog the modern indie rock scene.  Post-Nothing pushed past its influences (most noticeably early 90s emo/indie rock) and created a unique, distinguishable sound.

The group’s sophomore LP is entitled Celebration Rock, and it’s set to be released on June 5th, 2012 through Polyvinyl Records.  While Post-Nothing always seemed like a fitting label for the band, Celebration Rock works just as well.  Japandroids makes super catchy music that sounds celebratory or at least happy even when it involves dark lyricism.

Jeremy Bolm of L.A.‘s Touché Amore is one of the coolest dudes in hardcore punk.  At shows he brutally screams his passionate lyrics but then squeakily talks like the nicest guy you’ve ever met during the breaks between songs.  The guy’s voice is already all-but-destroyed, which makes you wonder if he’s got any post-punk band career plans in the works.  Turns out he’s getting a head start on a job that doesn’t involve shouting as loud as possible every day, as he recently started his own record label.