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by Steph Rodriguez

Chris Zukowski may be an environment artist for the video game industry first and foremost, creating backgrounds and scenery to fulfill his day job, but he’s also dedicated the last six years fine tuning an alternative career choice under the moniker Z4.

Listen to Z4 Music on Earbits

An electronic and house music artist based in Chicago, Z4 recently released his debut EP Dance Around the World, on March 2 available for free download on  Z4-music.com.

There is no question that you can raise a huge amount of funding on Kickstarter with the right product, or the right fan base.  But when you don’t have 500,000+ rabid fans, or a wrist watch that brings us one step closer to the cyborg takeover, what you really need to do is stand out.  Certainly there is no shortage of advice about how to launch successfully on Kickstarter.  But in addition to that, getting people to share your campaign with others can prove tremendously valuable, and nothing spreads faster on the internet than great videos.