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Susan Boyle attained international fame and sold thousands of albums not just because she had an amazing voice, but because nobody expected that voice to come out of her body.  You could argue that this is how many singers have achieved greatness— Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, etc.  In each of those cases, the voice just doesn’t match the face.  Yet for every Boyle there’s a McCartney, a Marley, a Clapton— all great talents, of course, yet talents with singing voices similar to their talking-voices and overall appearances.  This may all seem like pointless, demeaning, overly-critical Video-Killed-The-Radio-Star-esque judgement.  But it ain’t.  Don’t worry.

Most artists struggle to master one genre.  Since the late 1960s, Steve Gadd’s been consistently tackling them all.  Gadd is a professional drummer, perhaps one of the world’s most well-renowned players of the instrument.  He’s appeared on albums with Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney Kate Bush and hundreds of other popular and critically-acclaimed artists of various styles and ages.

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