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Cloud Nothings’ Attack On Memory is still one of, if not the best, albums of 2012 despite its early January release date.  The group has just released the latest video for a track off that album, the upbeat song “Fall In.”

“Fall In” is one of Attack On Memory’s lightest, happiest songs— one in which frontman Dylan Baldi trades his scratchy snarl for the melodic singing that can be found on his earlier work.  Click here to listen to one such pre-Attack On Memory song, a 7″ from 2010 entitled “Didn’t You,” via Earbits Radio.

Outside of the jazz and jam band genres, purchasing live music has never made much sense to me.  Recordings of live shows generally just don’t sound as good as the studio version, and seeing a band perform live is much more than just an auditory experience.  Plus, hearing that crowd cheer at the end of a track on a rock album makes me jealous more than excited.

I saw J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield in theaters three times (yeah yeah, whatever), and each time the audience had a similar reaction to the opening scene: they freaked out for a few minutes, started yelling, and got pissed off because they thought something was wrong with the screen.  For those weirdos that haven’t seen Cloverfield at least three times, the movie opens with the type of colorful, striped screen that appears when televisions aren’t working.

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We are sure that you’re familiar with South By Southwest – one of the most infamous music conferences in the world, held annually in Austin, Texas. With live music all day, every day in dozens of venues throughout the city, SXSW is a dream destination for any music fan. But it can also turn into a line-standing, door-begging disaster quite quickly if you don’t plan ahead.

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Cloud Nothings – “No Future / No Past” Official Video from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

One of the best songs on one of the year’s best albums now has a visual accompaniment (well, the video is more than a few weeks old, but I just found out about it now).  The album is Cloud Nothings’ Attack On Memory, and the song is opening track “No Future/No Past.”

The song itself is a dark, existential tune that chugs steadily along before ultimately decaying into a breakdown in which frontman Dylan Baldi screams (like the title suggests) that there’s “No Future, No Past.”

Because end of the year lists can be too comprehensive and difficult to follow, here are this month’s best albums.  If you haven’t heard of any of these, definitely check them out.  Keep ’em in mind for this year’s end of the year lists, so nothing gets snubbed.  And if I’m missing something, let me know in the comments section.


Cloud Nothings— Attack On Memory

There are A BUNCH of albums coming to U.S. shelves this Tuesday.  BUY ONE.

Cardinal— Hymns

The first disc from the recently reunited Cardinal in 18 years, and only their second album ever.

Cloud Nothings— Attack On Memory

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT album (now streaming via Carpark Records) from the young and evolving Dylan Baldi and his band.

Craig Finn— Clear Heart Full Eyes

The first solo effort from the storytellin’ Hold Steady frontman.

First Aid Kit— The Lion’s Roar

Swedish folksters with Jack White-collab experience.

Gangrene— Vodka & Ayahuasca

Alchemist and Oh No— a combo as dangerous as their album title.

Gonjasufi— MU.ZZ.LE

Mad electronic/dubby music from Gonjasufi.

Joe Cocker— Hard Knocks

Blatantly ignoring both globalization and this thing called the internet, Joe Cocker released Hard Knocks exclusively in the UK during October of 2010.  The album’ll finally be hitting American shelves this Tuesday.  It’s Cocker’s 21st studio album, though, so give him a break.

Kathleen Edwards— Voyageur ****

Bon Iver’s romantic interest, so you know it’s good.

****Actually released January 17th, but I forgot to mention it then.

Lamb Of God— Resolution

The seventh album from the longstanding heavy metal group.

Nada Surf— The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy

The seventh studio album from the “popular” indie rock band.

Kelly Pickler— 100 Proof

American Idol’s other blonde-haired country singer is set to release her third album this Tuesday.

Plug— Back On Time

A disc of previously unreleased 90s tracks from the electro-weirdo.

Pop 12.80— The Horror

One of Brooklyn’s lesser-known buzzy blog bands.

Porcelain Raft— Strange Weekend

Latest album from the laptop pop musician.

Matt Pryor— May Day

Second solo disc from the man who’s done time in four very good bands: The Get Up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect, The New Amsterdams, and The Terrible Twos.

John K. Samson— Provincial

The debut solo album from the Canadian folk-punkster of Weakerthans fame.

Tim McGraw— Emotional Traffic

The eleventh studio LP from the hugely famous country singer.

Wiley— Evolve Or Be Extinct

A fitting title for an album from the rapper mainly responsible for the U.K. Grime scene.

I didn’t like this song at first.

The reason: I’ve been listening to Cloud Nothings’ other new song, “No Future / No Past,” more or less on repeat since its debut a few weeks ago.  That song was the first track released from the group’s forthcoming album Attack On Memory, the 2012 follow-up to their 2011 self-titled debut.  “No Future / No Past” is a slow-burning, tense, track with pained vocals that decay into shouts and screams.  It’s different than anything the band has released before.

Cloud Nothings is one of those band names that’s been floating around the indie internet for a while now, gaining more and more praise from prominent publications.  Until a few days ago, however, the group hadn’t really captured my attention. The name belongs to young Cleveland-based artist Dylan Baldi, who recorded a series (as in, a lot) of insanely catchy lo-fi garage rock songs in his own home before rising to popularity.  Click here to listen to one such song, “Didn’t You,” on Earbits Radio.