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After releasing a teaser at Coachella and then not showing up at the festival despite strong rumors to the contrary, Daft Punk has finally released their official version of “Get Lucky” (only a group like Daft Punk has enough pull to use a major festival as a marketing tool without playing it).

The song features vocals from Pharrell and a funky guitar line courtesy of Nile Rodgers.  Although the song has a disco vibe, it lacks the signature Daft Punk robot-voice sound until the late 2-min mark.  The rest of the track could’ve been pulled straight out of the disco-funk era, with Pharrell doing his best Roy Ayers impression.  I really hope Random Access Memories has more of that robot-voice.

Ever since they burst on the scene a couple of years ago, Odd Future reenergized hip-hop with a youthful punk energy rarely seen throughout the past decade.  A strong crop of young rappers has emerged since that time period, and many of them possess a similarly energetic spirit.  Out of all of them, Action Bronson might just be the most punk rock.

Early on in Bronson’s early-afternoon set at Coachella, the rapper stood next to a crowd of people, grabbed a fan’s sandwich and bit into it, holding his mic to the side.  The beat blared in the background as he commented on the food and grabbed blunts and cigars from audience members.

I’m one of the few white, lyric-loving hip-hop and Community fans that doesn’t love Childish Gambino. I respect the dude for all of his accomplishments and I’ve snickered at a few of his one-liners, but I’ve never put one of his albums or mixtapes on heavy rotation.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m missing this year’s Coachella festival and I don’t care for watching full live streams of certain sets from a distance (I’ve heard Radiohead put on a great set, but the streams just don’t even get close to the actual festival experience), but this clip of Childish Gambino’s performance captured my interest.

First things first…

Congratulations to Jared Wright of Plano, Texas!

Jared won our sweepstakes and 2 tickets to Coachella Festival in April. While the rest of you are crying in the fetal position, wishing you were watching Snoop Dogg, Jared will be sippin’ on gin and juice (in an overpriced beer garden) and having an all around Dre Day.

Have a great time, Jared and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

I was so wrapped up in the news of At The Drive-In’s reunion and placement on this year’s Coachella lineup that I initially skimmed over Friday’s second line on the recently released 2012 Coachella flyer.  On the bill, squished snugly between Pulp and Arctic Monkeys, is Refused.  REFUSED!  REEEFUUUUSED!  As in, the hugely-influential Swedish punk band that disbanded 14 years ago, shortly after the release of their classic album The Shape of Punk To Come.  Refused AND At The Drive-In.  In 2012.  Announced in the same day!

As you probably heard a few months ago, Coachella 2011 sold out less than a week after tickets were released.  Camping passes sold out, cheap(er) hotels filled up, and many west coast music fans were left without anything to do on the festival weekend.

As you may have on Tuesday, those behind the annual Indio, CA festival are working to avoid a similar occurrence with the 2012 festival.  A posting on the festival’s website announced a new festival model for next year, a first for the modern industry.

90s nostalgia is no new concept.  Any one that lived through the decade is likely to have spent at least a few moments reminiscing about boy bands, President Clinton, and the early days of the internet.  There was even that whole VH1 show about the decade.

But now more than ever, it seems as if the 90s style and attitude is swinging back to the forefront of popular culture.

Coachella has now come and gone, and the thousands of music fans in attendance have left Indio’s desert and returned to reality.  Now, fans can only wait anxiously for the rapidly approaching Bonnaroo festival.  In the meantime, here’s my recap of Day 3 of Coachella.  I had to leave the festival unusually early, so there’s no recap of The Strokes or Kanye West (unfortunately).  I watched part of the latter performance on the Coachella live stream, and it looked like quite the spectacle.


Coachella is this weekend, and headliners like Kanye West, Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon are sure to keep the masses entertained when night falls upon Indio.

However, the big names are all you ever seem to hear when people talk about the quality of a festival lineup.  The smaller bands appear in smaller letters on the festival poster.  Consequently, the early morning bands are often glossed over.  Especially at Coachella, where the vacationing Hollywood crowd usually saunters in with a fancy drink in hand after the blazing sun has gone down.