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Wall of AlbumsEarbits is well on its way.  With our site design complete, our beta in development under the watchful eye of Benjamin Bryant, and some funding in the bank, things are looking very strong for our upcoming launch.

To top it all off, Yotam is kicking ass recruiting amazing artists across our first four genres – jazz, rock, hard rock, and electronic dance music.  We have over 170 artists with a combined 220 albums of great music and we’re getting more everyday.  If you know of any awesome artists that should be playing on our site, please let us know.

Finding Good MusicAs much as I enjoy listening to my favorite albums over and over again, I get a different feeling from discovering new music.  It’s a little similar to finding a great new restaurant.  There’s a risk involved in trying out something new, whether it be a new dish from the menu or a new song from an unknown band.  However, if the product is great, the reward is very gratifying.

One would think that at this day and age discovering quality new music should be very simple.  There are tons of websites for music. From Myspace, to Unsigned.com, to Pandora and Last.fm.  But the reality is different.  It is really hard to find new music gems.