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The lineup for Lollapalooza 2012 was released on Wednesday, and it features a variety of different acts.  It’s not quite up to par with last year’s 20th anniversary lineup, but that would’ve been a tough task for Perry and co.  Here are some thoughts on this year’s lineup:

Red Hot Chili Peppers seem like an obvious, fitting choice for headliners due to the festival’s roots in 90s alternative rock culture.  But without guitar virtuoso John Frusciante, the group’s similar headlining performance from just a few years ago is going to be tough to top.

Recent musical trends have proved that Americana is a genre no longer confined within the Southern and rural Midwestern states.  Bands like Deer Tick (from Rhode Island) and Dawes (from Los Angeles) have proved that you don’t have to be from a specific part of the United States to be classified as country.  Even foreign bands like Mumford & Sons have been at the forefront of the Americana resurgence.

I’m incredibly late to find out about Middle Brother, the semi-super group consisting of Taylor Goldsmith from Dawes, John McCauley from Deer Tick and Matthew Vasquez from Delta Spirit, but the better late than never proverb definitely applies.

When I saw Deer Tick at Coachella last year, singer John McCauley announced that he had a side project entitled MG&V, and he played a song written by that band.  Although the music was good (and, performed by Deer Tick… sounded like a Deer Tick song), I could only focus on the poor choice of name, as popular indie rockers MGMT were playing the same festival later that night.  For that reason alone, I shrugged off the group.