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Deer Tick’s new album is called Negativity.  The title purportedly pertains to the band’s new sound, which will be considerably darker than previous albums.  Judging by the new single, “The Dream’s In The Ditch,” that’s somewhat accurate.  It still sounds like Deer Tick, though.

Ian and John, two members representing the four-piece band, recently performed “The Dream’s In The Ditch” backstage at the Newport Folk Festival.  As Rhode Island natives, Deer Tick have been at the forefront of the annual folk festival.  Since it’s been held for over fifty years, though, I hesitate to call them the leaders of the event.  That designation probably belongs to someone like Bob Dylan or Joan Baez.  But they have ruled the roost as of late, performing sold-out after-parties and putting on raucous performances at the festival itself.

Rhode Island troublemakers Deer Tick appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night show in December of last year and gave a rousing performance of “Funny Word,” a track off their latest album Divine Providence.  At the end of the performance frontman John McCauley III draped his arm around Conan’s shoulder and, with his usual slurred speech, invited the talk show host to “go get a beer.”

An indie rock supergroup consisting of members from Deer Tick, the Black Lips, Los Lobos, Dead Confederate and Six Finger Satellite made a song called “Gimme a Beer.”  WHAT A SURPRISE, RIGHT?

Even though this brand of booze-drenched and twang-tinged indie folk/rock is expected from any project to which Deer Tick’s John McCauley lends his voice, it’s still consistently entertaining.  McCauley, by the way, is the guy that threw his guitar after a performance on CONAN and then sloppily asked the host to go get a beer with him, among several other wild punk-in-drublic acts.  His latest project (other side-projects include Middle Brother and the Deer Tick alter-ego/cover group Deervana) is called Diamond Rugs, and it includes members from all of the aforementioned popular (and known-to-be-raucous) indie bands.

Indie Blues Soul Pop Music with Brilliant Twinges of Folk & Americana is Alive and Well in Hollywood

by Scott Feldman, Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I had the distinct pleasure of catching Doran Danoff and his very large and talented band at Hotel Café in Los Angeles last Saturday night.  It was the last show of a month long residency, and I’m sincerely grateful that I got the chance to see them.  First off, homeboy can play the freakin’ piano, and the dudes that play a smattering of instruments behind him (including bass/drums/guitar/3 piece horn section/sometimes ukulele) have no problem keeping up.

The holidays aren’t happy for everyone.  That’s one sad truth that newly formed indie/punk supergroup Diamond Rugs reminds us of with their song “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant.”  Diamond Rugs consists of Ian Saint Pé of The Black Lips, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, John McCauley and Robbie Crowell of Deer Tick, Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate and Bryan Dufresne of Six Finger Satellite.  The group is set to play it’s first show in Atlanta, GA on December 29th (tix still available).  They’ll also release an album next spring via Partisan Records.

If you’ve ever been to a Deer Tick show, you probably understand that it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary for the band to keep playing even if powerful fireworks were blasting at them onstage.  While that situation may be unlikely, that’s exactly what happens in the group’s newly released video for “Main Street,” one of the strongest tracks on the band’s excellent fourth album Divine Providence.

Deer Tick delivers a straightforward performance of the song during the clip– except for the fact that fireworks are whizzing and exploding around them.  The blasts seem to be real, as there are some hilarious slow-motion shots of band members dodging the flames (or failing to dodge them).

When a simple site or portion of an existing site releases something that provides mindless, addicting entertainment, the internet finds out about it quickly.  Today, Drinkify spread around internet news sites rapidly for that exact reason.

The site provides a simple service.  Type in any band or musician name, and it generates a cocktail that fits the sound and style of that artist.  It also offers a serving suggestion, a few pictures of the band/musician, and one song by the group.

Rock stars are a dying breed, and John J. McCauley III is one of the last of his kind.  It was fitting, then, that Ludacris’s “Last Of A Dying Breed” blasted from the speakers before Deer Tick, the folk-rock/alt-country band that McCauley fronts, took the stage at the Echoplex in Echo Park on Tuesday night.**  McCauley is a man whose drunken antics and unpredictable banter comprise one of the best onstage (and, perhaps, offstage) personas in music right now.

Some interesting albums coming out this Tuesday.  Pick one up (and pay for it).

The Beets— Let the Poison Out

The Beets aren’t The Beatles.  They’re not even the animated band from Nickelodeon classic Doug either.  But they are a pretty good indie rock band, and this is their third album.

Coldplay— Mylo Xyloto

It’s been a long wait for fans of the mega-huge arena rock band, but tracks like “Paradise” prove this album should be worthwhile.

Deer Tick— Divine Providence

Rhode Island folk-rock/alt-country hooligans amp up the energy on this fourth LP.

Deer Tick has made their best album yet.  The alt-country band plans to release the fourth LP, entitled Divine Providence in honor of the band’s native state of Rhode Island, on October 25th through Partisan Records, but it’s streaming now on Spin’s website. Spin claims that the group wanted to “bring the beer-splashed energy of their live set into the studio with them,” avoiding the all-too-easy “folk rock” label.  Upbeat energy is exactly what’s found on Divine Providence.