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When he emerged, Kanye was all about the Windy City.  After achieving fame, he dipped out quick to globetrot and, among other things, to pursue a fashion career in London.  Sure, he and Chris Martin reminded us of his love for his hometown, but at that point ‘Ye seemed like the guy that’s getting too old to be going to all those Homecoming tailgates.  He’s an international superstar, no longer confined to the Chi-town underground.

Last year Wiz Khalifa’s extremely popular “Black and Yellow” almost helped catapult the Pittsburgh Steelers to a Superbowl victory.  Perhaps it was Lil Wayne’s last-minute “Green and Yellow” remix that truly gave the Packers their win.

Last year was by no means the first time musicians made songs about sports teams that had a shot at winning a championship.  Perhaps the most famous example of this practice is the 1985 song “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” performed by players from the Chicago Bears during their Super Bowl run that year.  They ended up destryoing the New England Patriots in the championship that season, and the song remains iconic.

Now, sports playoff-related tunes have returned to the Chicago area.  As the Bulls make their first run for the NBA Finals since Jordan’s heydey, rappers are starting to talk about the team again.  A month or so ago Chicago rapper Young Berg released his song “Derrick Rose” in honor of the man who is now duly recognized as the league’s MVP.  Now Twista, the Chicago MC most famous for rapidfire raps, has released a track in honor of the team.

The song, titled “Winning Streak (Chicago Bulls Anthem)” also features Mario Winans and, surprisingly, Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer.

Boozer’s performance on the song calls to mind Shaquille O’Neal’s many attempts at rapping (which never really got him anywhere, but were cool because he was rapping with Wu-Tang).  It’s also reminiscent of Ron Artest’s album My World. Hip-hop has been linked with basketball for a while now (the sneakers, the game, the lyrics, the shorts, the jerseys, etc.) for a while now, so it’s not a huge surprise that players like to see if their rhyming skills match their ball handling skills every once in a while.

Will Boozer trade in basketballs for microphones any time soon?  For the Bulls sake, I hope not.  He’s gotta knock out the Big Three on the Heat, first (the series is currently tied 1-1).

Does the song have the lasting power of “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” or the ability to propel the Bulls to the Finals?  Well, listen for yourself.

90s nostalgia is no new concept.  Any one that lived through the decade is likely to have spent at least a few moments reminiscing about boy bands, President Clinton, and the early days of the internet.  There was even that whole VH1 show about the decade.

But now more than ever, it seems as if the 90s style and attitude is swinging back to the forefront of popular culture.