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by Tyler Hayes

Ray Recordings Sampler One is a collection of Jazz-kissed songs assembled by producer and songwriter, Filippo Gaetani. Gaetani has run Ray Recordings for the last decade, which currently takes shape as a mobile production company more than anything else. 24 tracks on the first sampler, all containing a cohesive elasticity in which they exist. While all songs will have their own fans and are good in their own right, some definitely jump out, deserving recognition more than the others.

Download Ray Recordings Sampler One

by Tyler Hayes

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, is back with his second single of 2012 titled “So Bright”. Pretty Lights, for those unfamiliar, is electronic powerhouse that often dabbles in all sorts of genres, layering them up to create something unique and hard to classify without actually listening to it. On the new single “So Bright” (Listen to it on Earbits), the track starts off with distorted vocals on top of a funky groove. Without warning, but sly enough not to be jarring the track slips into several different styles before it finishes, all held together by a similar beat that it started with.

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Next week, like this week, is full of great album releases.  Check out some of the albums that’re set to be released in stores on Tuesday.

Fang Island— Major

The follow-up album to Fang Island’s self-titled debut.

Heavenly Beat— Talent

The band’s debut album.

Passion Pit— Gossamer

The highly anticipated new album from Passion Pit.

Purity Rings— Shrines

A new album from this indie band.

Slug Guts— Playin’ In Time With The Deadbeats

The Australian band’s third LP.

Young Moon— Navigated Like The Swan

While the internet-ization of rap has led to a decrease in the genre’s notorious regionalism, L.A.’s scene has maintained a fairly strong local culture.  The city’s moved beyond the gangsta rap era that put the West Coast on the map, but rappers like Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Game and more still like letting people know where they’re from.

One of the LA’s most loyal MCs is Kendrick Lamar— the Black Hippy member most poised for mainstream success.  The rapper recently collaborated with Dr. Dre, his hometown elder, for “The Recipe,” then performed that track during Dre & Snoop’s headlining set at Coachella (okay, what rapper from anywhere wouldn’t have jumped at that opportunity… but still).

Enough semi-autobiographical novels have been written about struggles with writer’s block that the subject has become somewhat of a clichè in the literary world.  Almost all authors recognize the difficulty in crafting a cohesive work, or even putting the pen to paper at all.

In the modern hip-hop community, however, writer’s block appears to be a foreign concept.  When rappers aren’t releasing albums or mixtapes they’re freestyling over new beats, writing blogs or detailing their entire existence via Twitter.  Fans are often forced to sift through digital piles of junk just to dust off a few gems.

Blu is almost singlehandedly proof that Los Angeles has one of the best and most unique hip-hop scenes in the country right now.  He’s one of this generation’s rare enigmatic MCs— the type of guy that’s not constantly updating fans on his personal (or even professional) life.  He dropped his debut album Below The Heavens, with exclusive production from Southern California’s Exile, in 2007.  Since then he’s been consistently releasing experimental tracks and albums (despite the rapper’s somewhat mysterious qualities, he’s quite prolific).

Despite all the unpredictable changes the music industry has endured, a record deal is still a coveted offer.  Obviously, money is a huge reason that artists still ink deals with major labels.

In fact, cash was the sole reason A$AP Rocky gave for his recent record deal Sony/RCA.  When asked what changed his mind as to signing with a major label his response was blunt: “About three million dollars.”  It’d be hard to blame anyone for that type of honesty, let alone a guy with a dollar sign in his rap name.