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Snoop Dogg’s cultural adventures have been highly publicized.  Last year the rapper spent time in Jamaica recording an album with Diplo, where he was transformed into Snoop Lion after meeting a Rastafarian priest.  Much has been made about Snoop trading animal-names and making a reggae album, but, based on his heavy intake of Jamaica’s favorite plant, it really shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

The more unusual result of Snoop’s globetrotting was his signing late last year of a young artist from Poland named Iza Lach.  The artist has already had a successful career in her home country, releasing her work on EMI Poland.  She’s also won a Nagroda Muzyczna Fryderyk, the equivalent of a Polish Grammy.  She’s far from the hip-hop or reggae that we usually hear from Snoop.

While the internet-ization of rap has led to a decrease in the genre’s notorious regionalism, L.A.’s scene has maintained a fairly strong local culture.  The city’s moved beyond the gangsta rap era that put the West Coast on the map, but rappers like Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Game and more still like letting people know where they’re from.

One of the LA’s most loyal MCs is Kendrick Lamar— the Black Hippy member most poised for mainstream success.  The rapper recently collaborated with Dr. Dre, his hometown elder, for “The Recipe,” then performed that track during Dre & Snoop’s headlining set at Coachella (okay, what rapper from anywhere wouldn’t have jumped at that opportunity… but still).

Nardwuar’s hardworking, probably obsessive research revealed that Kendrick Lamar hooked up with Dr. Dre via Tech N9ne sometime prior to this year’s SXSW.  Since that announcement, internet fans have been waiting to hear the collaboration in the same manner they’ve been waiting for Detox— hopeful, but not necessarily eager.  Lamar stopped by L.A.’s Power 106 radio show on Monday morning in order to prove the naysayers wrong, debuting a song that features the sporadically-productive Dr. Dre.

90s nostalgia is no new concept.  Any one that lived through the decade is likely to have spent at least a few moments reminiscing about boy bands, President Clinton, and the early days of the internet.  There was even that whole VH1 show about the decade.

But now more than ever, it seems as if the 90s style and attitude is swinging back to the forefront of popular culture.

When the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco was still on pop culture’s radar, I wrote an article saying that, in a sense, the world needs more people like the former Two and a Half Men Star.  We need musicians to act the way that they used to act… unapologetic and rebellious.  We need a rockstar.

Since that article, L.A. group Odd Future has exploded in popularity.  After a couple years building buzz by releasing free albums on the internet, the group seems to be at the forefront of popular music.  They’ve already had an unforgettable performance on Fallon.  They’ve landed spots performing at Coachella and Pitchfork Music Festival.  They’ve graced the cover of Billboard Magazine and performed sold out shows in Europe, among other things.