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We have a serious treat for you. Earbits has the premier of a brand new track by Future Wave powerhouse, Night Drive. And, it’s amazing.

For everyone out there patiently awaiting the upcoming Night Drive album, here’s a dark electro-pop re-imagination of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” paired with LCD Soundsystem’s “Too Much Love”. This is what you might expect if Jimmy Page and James Murphy had a child in a dystopian NYC landscape, circa 2041.

by Steph Rodriguez

Chris Zukowski may be an environment artist for the video game industry first and foremost, creating backgrounds and scenery to fulfill his day job, but he’s also dedicated the last six years fine tuning an alternative career choice under the moniker Z4.

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An electronic and house music artist based in Chicago, Z4 recently released his debut EP Dance Around the World, on March 2 available for free download on  Z4-music.com.

Drake took over the hip-hop charts, Justin Bieber took over the pop charts (and the world), and Canada’s new era of pop culture domination has begun.  If you’re placing bets on the next big artist to emerge from The Great White North, it’d be a smart move to put a few Canadian dollars on Ryan Hemsworth.

Hemsworth hails from Halifax, and he’s a young beatmaker and electronic music producer.  He’s prolific with both his remixes and his original songs, and he possesses a style that seems to be in high demand these days from rappers and other producers alike: chilled-out, slow-motion and spacy beats with glitchy percussion.  He also loans out beats to MCs.

by Tyler Hayes

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, is back with his second single of 2012 titled “So Bright”. Pretty Lights, for those unfamiliar, is electronic powerhouse that often dabbles in all sorts of genres, layering them up to create something unique and hard to classify without actually listening to it. On the new single “So Bright” (Listen to it on Earbits), the track starts off with distorted vocals on top of a funky groove. Without warning, but sly enough not to be jarring the track slips into several different styles before it finishes, all held together by a similar beat that it started with.

This is part of our ongoing series about getting your music played on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried to get on College or FM radio, check out our list of related articles.  To get on the radio, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

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Ali Spagnola

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Spring has sprung and brought along the fantastic Los Angeles based electro-pop duo, Backnbloom and their album, Music for the Modern Monkey.

Backnbloom’s electro-pop is innovative, catchy, spry, loads of fun and total headphone ear candy. It’s amazing to note that so many different sounds can emerge from two mere mortals.

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by Daphne Melvin

Color Theory is an electronic indie piano pop band comprised of one member: Brian Hazard, from Huntington Beach, California. The Sound is his eighth album, which came out in August 2010. Color Theory’s sound has been likened to The Postal Service, Owl City, and Depeche Mode. In all reality, it sounds like a grown up version of Owl City, and, at times, reminiscent of Mae. I think what I like most about Color Theory is the melody and the layers of electronic harmony built on top of each other. Also, a lot of times electronic bands usually stick to the keyboard instead of the piano, but Hazard incorporates both and it’s a wonderfully pleasant mix.

by Benjamin Kimo Twichell

Some of us love our sleep; others detest the daily necessity of powering off. But either way, most every night, you are lured into a heavy slumber. There are five stages of sleep, all distinctly different sections of a single process. Earbits Radio is here to take you through each stage of that journey.

Stage 1 – Theta Waves

“You Are The Ocean” by Phantogram

Anyone who has experimented with mind-altering substances will tell you that most of them enhance (or at least affect) the experience of listening to music.  Those who play music well enough to do so under the influence will often tell you that drugs enhance your creativity and ability to dream up new music, too.  In particular, you often see bands or people who write incredibly inventive music during periods of drug abuse, and then become incredibly boring and stale when they sober up (although there are a lot of reasons that might happen).  At any rate, I don’t think many people will argue that drugs have no affect whatsoever on making music, or on your experience listening to it.