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Eso Tre is one-half of the hip hop powerhouse, Substance Abuse

If you were a rapper who lived in or around the 510 area code in the ‘90’s, you knew what it was like to gaze at the beautiful east bay hills with a sense of hope, knowing that being fiercely lyrical and unwilling to “grow up” (a euphemism for when rappers put out boring stuff) was not an impediment to a major label deal and stardom that transcended what rapper Encore referred to as “street buzz”.  As an L.A. transplant living in Oakland I only caught the tail end of this period of optimism, but such were the times and geographic setting that produced one of the Left Coast’s most enigmatic and underrated lyricists, an emcee known as Motion Man.

(Written by Eso Tre: one-half of Los Angeles Hip Hop duo, Substance Abuse. Check them out!)

If you are a true Hip Hop fan, chances are, you know of the legendary NY-based underground rapper, Percee P. Gaining notoriety in the underground scene thanks to years of success and perseverance, as well as legendary battles with Fat Joe, Eminem, and Lord Finesse (among many others), Percee P is one of the innovators and originators of today’s DIY Hip Hop scene. Read a fantastic interview by Substance Abuse’s Eso Tre, and learn a little about the origin of old-school Hip Hop: Underground style!

Eso Tre of Substance Abuse sat down with Myka Nyne, legendary member of Freestyle Fellowship and progenitor of some of LA’s dopest styles, on the ten year anniversary of 9/11 to discuss hip hop, jazz, terrorism, and the unique music scene birthed by Los Angeles.

“It’s All Love” – An Exclusive Interview with Myka Nyne

Eso Tre: Tell us about the upcoming Freestyle Fellowship album “The Promise” and how it is different from the prior releases from Fellowship and how you guys have evolved as a group.


As teens growing up in Los Angeles, Eso Tre and Subz (now members of L.A. area Hip Hop duo, Substance Abuse) frequented the local shows, and eventually ended up on the stage themselves. Performing all over the Los Angeles area, Substance Abuse has learned its fair share of lessons over the years. One important lesson stuck with them: crowds are a crap shoot.


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