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This is a guest post by Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour, a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with brands in the entertainment industries.

Collectively, Google and Facebook probably own more data on market supply and demand patterns than anyone else. What many people do not realize is that much of this data is publicly available. For a bit of fun I decided to see what patterns I could find about the music industry in Google and Facebook’s pool of user behavior data.


#1 Less people want to buy music, but the same amount are trying to sell it.

I never thought that Led Zeppelin would have an actual Facebook page (an OFFICIAL Facebook page), but, apparently, they do. And, for the last couple of days, they’ve been utilizing the site as a marketing tool for some sort of mysterious project.

On Saturday, a simple image of the word “FIVE” in Led Zeppelin-style writing/color scheme appeared on the band’s page.  On Sunday, they posted “Four” and today they posted the roman numeral three.  It appears as if the announcement is set to arrive on Wednesday, but its still entirely unclear as to what exactly the band is planning to announce.

One of the first things we did when we started Earbits was set up a Facebook page for our company.  In this day and age, it’s common sense that social media can be a powerful tool in building a brand and marketing it.   Setting up the page was simple, getting 33,000 people to follow us was a bit more challenging, but the real challenge was, and still remains, how and what to communicate with our followers.

Social Media Don’t Do 101

In the digital age, most bands dream about getting their music to “go viral”.  In other words, they wish they could put their song online, go to bed, and wake up on the following day with thousands of new fans and followers.

The odds of getting your song to go viral are similar to winning the lottery.  Thankfully, it’s a little easier now that Facebook launched it’s music integration with a dozen of music services, including Earbits.

How Does It Work?

We have perhaps our biggest company news yet.

Today, Facebook announced the launch of their much anticipated Music platform, and we’re excited and proud to announce that Earbits is one of the few companies that Facebook has teamed up with to make music more social.

Now, songs our users listen to on Earbits will be published to Facebook in a seamless, beautiful and digestible format.  Friends will be able to see what each other have listened to, what channel it was in, who the song is by and more.  And when something looks interesting, they can easily click on that artist or song and listen to it right away.  It’s going to make it that much easier for Earbits listeners to enjoy music together with friends, and spread the word about the music they discover using the largest social platform in the world.

It seems like not too long ago that Twitter and Facebook exploded with hilariously ignorant people posting stuff like “Who the hell is The Suburbs?”— believing that was the name of Arcade Fire— after the group won Album of the Year at the Grammys.  As true fans know and many have since discovered, The Suburbs is actually the name of the third album by the Canadian indie masterminds.  It was released on August 2nd, 2010.

Exactly a year from its initial release date, Merge Records will be releasing a deluxe reissue of The Suburbs, complete with two additional tracks entitled “Culture War” and “Speaking In Tongues.”  An extended version of the song “Wasted Hours” will also be included.

Somehow I knew that title would get you here.

I was going  to write a post about the innovative approach our team has taken to helping people share music on Earbits. It’s a great story of product development, an innovative approach (if I do say so myself), and it’s been well received by Facebook and our clients.  Then, as I fired up our site to take some screenshots, sure enough, there was Porn.  I thought, “link-baiting doesn’t get any easier.”

Tom Petty's BandPageAbout a week ago I got an email from one of the guys at RootMusic.com letting us know about their product, BandPages.  BandPages is a new application for Facebook that allows you to setup a more traditional social media band profile on your band’s fan page.  As it stands, there is music on the Facebook band fan pages, but navigating to photos or other areas disrupts the listening.  BandPages puts all of the content pretty much on one central page, or at least makes it accessible from that page, all while the music keeps streaming.  And, with their BandPage Plus product, you can customize the page enough to give it some flair, but not so much as to annoy a guy like me, who hates how much bands can make their Myspace page impossible to navigate.

FacebookAwhile back I talked about making your live performance more of a show, as opposed to just a 40 minute series of songs. This keeps people coming back to see what new thing you’ve cooked up this time. However, that presupposed that you had any people at your show the last time, which is not a given.