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The peeps over at Nerdwallet published a pretty cool article recently, and we wanted to share it with you. As a fan of Dance and Electronic music, you shouldn’t miss this. It could make-or-break your chosen festival’s financial plan.

They have compared the upcoming festivals, and determined the best overall value for the hardcore Dance fan. With Outside Lands, Austin City Limits, and Lollapalooza all coming up soon, you will need all the help you can get to not miss your favorite bands. Plan your attack with Nerdwallet, and make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

More and more often fans and critics are getting the sense that hip-hop, like Occupiers would say about the government, is no longer about We The People.  Separate business affairs are closely linked with rappers’ words, and those with sponsors or corporate interests fill their albums with blatant product placement.  That’s all fine as a form of escapist entertainment, and the formula’s worked for years now, but in times of economic hardship it can come across as a slap in the face to those for which inventing swag, popping bottles, putting supermodels in the cab and renting out hospital floors is not an option.

Lightning in a Bottle 2010

More of a Gushing Love Story than a Typical Review

The Very Best…March Fourth Marching Band…Treavor Walton (Treavor Moontribe)…Sammy Bliss. What do they have in common? They each pumped out music a couple weeks back that shook me from head to toe.

I’m no music critic. So what am I doing writing on Earbits, you ask? Well, I know what gets me moving. I know when a scene transcends the physical plane and encourages all the participants to meet on a dance floor way out in some other dimension. I consider myself a cultural connector and an outrageous instigator. So I know one when I see one, and each of these was there for the seeing, hearing and believing.