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Outside of the jazz and jam band genres, purchasing live music has never made much sense to me.  Recordings of live shows generally just don’t sound as good as the studio version, and seeing a band perform live is much more than just an auditory experience.  Plus, hearing that crowd cheer at the end of a track on a rock album makes me jealous more than excited.

Enough semi-autobiographical novels have been written about struggles with writer’s block that the subject has become somewhat of a clichè in the literary world.  Almost all authors recognize the difficulty in crafting a cohesive work, or even putting the pen to paper at all.

In the modern hip-hop community, however, writer’s block appears to be a foreign concept.  When rappers aren’t releasing albums or mixtapes they’re freestyling over new beats, writing blogs or detailing their entire existence via Twitter.  Fans are often forced to sift through digital piles of junk just to dust off a few gems.

Recent musical trends have proved that Americana is a genre no longer confined within the Southern and rural Midwestern states.  Bands like Deer Tick (from Rhode Island) and Dawes (from Los Angeles) have proved that you don’t have to be from a specific part of the United States to be classified as country.  Even foreign bands like Mumford & Sons have been at the forefront of the Americana resurgence.