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The strangest thing about Chicago indie artist Owen isn’t that his name isn’t actually Owen (it’s actually Mike Kinsella).  Instead, it’s that the artist receives so much support from the punk community.  His latest album, Ghost Town (released November 8th), has been promoted on several punk websites alongside much heavier, louder, and faster new releases.  Fans of hardcore punk bands often consider themselves fans of Owen as well.

There are a LOT of great albums coming out this Tuesday.  Here are some of the best…

Animals as Leaders— Weightless

Weightless is the second album from the inventive progressive metal group.

As I Lay Dying— Decas

Decas is a 10 year anniversary compilation album, featuring three new songs from the metalcore band.

Atlas Sound— Parallax

(no album cover could be found from the enigmatic artist)

New disc from strange yet talented musician Bradford Cox (of Deerhunter fame), under his side project pseudonym Atlas Sound.

David Lynch— Crazy Clown Time