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This is a guest post by Marcus Taylor, founder of Venture Harbour, a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with brands in the entertainment industries.

Collectively, Google and Facebook probably own more data on market supply and demand patterns than anyone else. What many people do not realize is that much of this data is publicly available. For a bit of fun I decided to see what patterns I could find about the music industry in Google and Facebook’s pool of user behavior data.


#1 Less people want to buy music, but the same amount are trying to sell it.

We just launched a slick new feature.

You will now get real-time concert alerts whenever a band you “Liked” on Earbits adds a new show in your region. You can immediately go listen to that band and get the full details. It’s like other concert alert services, except we actually have music on our website!

To take advantage of this awesome feature, you’ll need to be using the fastest browser on the internet – Google Chrome.

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Need the Chrome browser?  Get it.

Well, Christmas has come and passed.  Did you get what you wanted from Santa?  A shiny new bike?  A gift certificate for McDonald’s?  A renewed subscription to Reader’s Digest?

We’ll Earbits got exactly what we wanted – a crapload of new users from the Chrome Store and Angry Birds teams.  Somebody give those guys and gals some milk and cookies!

Our Partnership with Chrome and Rovio

Google has had some cool homepage logos throughout the years, but none of them have come close to today’s theme.  Okay, maybe the day when the logo was a playable Pac Man game was better, but today’s theme is still pretty awesome.

The company is honoring Les Paul’s birthday today, which occurred on this day in 1915.  Aside from creating one of the most iconic (and best) guitars of all time— the Gibson Les Paul —Paul was integral in the development in many modern studio techniques such as multi-track recording.  The man is responsible for many of the instruments that have created popular music throughout the years as well as the process in which that music was recorded.  Paul died in August of 2009 at age 94, but he left behind an overwhelmingly impressive legacy in the music community.