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HARD Day Of The Dead took place last weekend with a strong lineup of house and dance producers from around the world.  That festival (which used to be a 2-day indoor Halloween weekend festival named Hard Haunted Mansion) and the HARD production company in general have helped secure L.A.’s spot amongst the top U.S. cities for electronic music.  The company was founded by Gary Richards, a longstanding L.A. DJ that performs under the name Destructo.

In honor of his city and the success he’s achieved for himself within it (and the success he’s helped achieve for L.A.’s EDM scene in general), Destructo released a track entitled “LA Funky.”  The song features L.A. duo OLIVER, which consists of DJs Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein.

As much as I resist the party-with-no-purpose lifestyle associated with electronic dance music (to a certain degree… the punk fan in me just can’t stomach too much disco), it’s impossible to ignore its presence and power in the modern music community.  And at this point, I’ve accepted that it’s ignorant to call all electronic music “techno.”  When you finally begin to shed some of that ignorance and truly look at the different subgenres beneath the EDM umbrella, it’s apparent that there’s a lot of variation and diversity.  Hell, Earbits Radio has over thirty stations of specific genres of electronic music.