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Ever since they burst on the scene a couple of years ago, Odd Future reenergized hip-hop with a youthful punk energy rarely seen throughout the past decade.  A strong crop of young rappers has emerged since that time period, and many of them possess a similarly energetic spirit.  Out of all of them, Action Bronson might just be the most punk rock.

Early on in Bronson’s early-afternoon set at Coachella, the rapper stood next to a crowd of people, grabbed a fan’s sandwich and bit into it, holding his mic to the side.  The beat blared in the background as he commented on the food and grabbed blunts and cigars from audience members.

Odd Future’s initial appeal was that they were an exclusive crew that embodied a DIY spirit long forgotten in hip-hop.  Left Brain, Tyler The Creator and Syd made the beats, and only OF crew members provided verses.

Then, along with fame, the inevitable collaborations started piling up.  Tyler The Creator with his hero Pusha T.  Frank Ocean with the Throne.  Tyler again with Game.

Thankfully, Odd Future has maintained their exclusivity despite pursuing projects with other members of the hip-hop community.