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Refused hails from Sweden yet frontman Dennis Lyxzén is a global force.  He’s used his international exposure with Refused and the several other bands of which he’s a member to spout political opinions that pertain to the world in general (Pussy Riot’s imprisonment being the latest issue on which he’s outspoken).  He can do this all in incredibly articulate English, which is not his native tongue.

Indie Blues Soul Pop Music with Brilliant Twinges of Folk & Americana is Alive and Well in Hollywood

by Scott Feldman, Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I had the distinct pleasure of catching Doran Danoff and his very large and talented band at Hotel Café in Los Angeles last Saturday night.  It was the last show of a month long residency, and I’m sincerely grateful that I got the chance to see them.  First off, homeboy can play the freakin’ piano, and the dudes that play a smattering of instruments behind him (including bass/drums/guitar/3 piece horn section/sometimes ukulele) have no problem keeping up.

There are a bunch of live shows taking place throughout the Los Angeles area this weekend.  Use the list below to figure out something fun to do over the next few days.  You’ve got a lot of choices.

Featured Show of the Weekend:

Fool’s Gold @ The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA w/ Tijuana Panthers and Allah Las

The Earbits crew recently got the chance to witness a little bit of Sunset Strip history – last weekend, rock legend Alice Cooper returned to perform at The Whisky a Go Go for the first time since 1969, and our own Roshmond “Sum” Patten was lucky enough to attend. Check out his account of the night-to-remember.
Alice Cooper, Live at The Whisky a Go Go, 9/15/2011  | Photo Courtesy of Celina Denkins

Alice Cooper hadn’t been to The Whisky A Go Go since 1969, when he was a self-proclaimed Doors fanboy opening up for Led Zepplin. Needless to say, when word spread that he was returning to celebrate the release of Welcome 2 My Nightmare, it inspired all sorts of craggy rock fans to blow the dust and cobwebs from their bandanas and black nail polish bottles to come see Ol’ Black Eyes himself. I personally witnessed those tickets sell out within mere minutes of going on sale, and had given up all hope of checking this show out. But as the luck of the dragon had it, a fateful invite from The Whisky’s soon-to-be legendary booking manager (and Earbits artist Kathryn Gallagher manager) Celina Denkins roped me in.

The good news is that there are plenty of clubs and venues in Los Angeles.  A band with good music and a bit of perseverance should be able to book a gig fairly easily.  The not so good news is that most venues don’t have their own draw and rely on the bands to fill the place with an audience.  Which means the bands have to heavily promote their gigs, otherwise they may end up playing in front of an empty room.

Axl RoseTen years ago, a friend and I moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento.  We came down one weekend for a TOOL concert at The Palladium and had such a blast that, within 2 weeks, I left my hometown and made Los Angeles my new home.

People ask why I moved.  Was it the map of the stars that we followed to the Playboy Mansion?  Was it Hollywood and Highland with it’s gold star sidewalks telling tales of fame and stardom?  Maybe it was the Rock Walk at the Guitar Center, where many a famous rockstar have left hand prints behind for aspiring musicians to measure up to.  Maybe it was just the glow from seeing my favorite band perform in a big, fun city.