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Indie Blues Soul Pop Music with Brilliant Twinges of Folk & Americana is Alive and Well in Hollywood

by Scott Feldman, Artist Relations Manager, Earbits, Inc.

I had the distinct pleasure of catching Doran Danoff and his very large and talented band at Hotel Café in Los Angeles last Saturday night.  It was the last show of a month long residency, and I’m sincerely grateful that I got the chance to see them.  First off, homeboy can play the freakin’ piano, and the dudes that play a smattering of instruments behind him (including bass/drums/guitar/3 piece horn section/sometimes ukulele) have no problem keeping up.

Here’s your weekly list of the best concerts happening around the Los Angeles area..

Featured Show Of The Week:

  • 11/18:  Rebelution @ Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, CA.  10:00pm.  Listen>>

Hollywood Park is typically known for its casino and the gambling that takes place on the race track, but it’s also a great place to watch an outdoor live concert.  This Friday, November 18th, Santa Barbara reggae outfit Rebelution will preform on the track immediately following the night’s races.  Although it’s been cold in Los Angeles, Rebelution’ll make it feel like summertime.

This weekend is one of the best in a while for live music in the Los Angeles area.  Here are some of the best shows happening over the next few days.

Featured Show of the Weekend:

Audra Mae @ Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA.  9:00pm.  Listen>>

Audra Mae is a soulful singer/songwriter with a voice that’s simultaneously powerful and sweet.  She’s performing tonight— 10/27— at the acclaimed Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.  She’ll be performing with her band, The Almighty Sound.

Thursday, 10/27:

  • Two Spot Gobi @ The Mint in Los Angeles, CA.  8:00pm.  Listen>>

Every so often a voice comes along that captures the attention of its listeners because of its strength, uniqueness and power.  It doesn’t happen a lot.  But when it does, you just know it.  In recent years it happened with Amy Winehouse and it happened with Adele, and it’s happening again with Audra Mae.

A singer/songwriter from Oklahoma, Audra Mae has a voice as immediately captivating as those two (albeit one deceased) contemporaries.  She sings in a similarly soulful, jazzy style—sweet yet strong.  But while artists copying that retro-jazz style have been popping up frequently since Winehouse proved it works for modern audiences, Audra Mae is not just another one of those singers.  The comparison to Adele and Winehouse is based solely on Mae’s incredible vocal ability, as her style greatly differs.

Los Angeles is a huge, sprawling city, so there are plenty of locations that feature live music on a near-nightly basis.  If you’re looking for a place to catch some live music in the city, here is part two of the Guide To Los Angeles Live Music Venues, organized by area.


Silverlake/Echo Park

El Cid: El Cid is a tapas bar and restaurant as well as a live music theater.  The restaurant has a flamenco dinner every Friday and Saturday night that costs $42 for dinner, desert and a flamenco show.  It also hosts live music most nights of the week, including jazz, hip-hop and rock music.