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by Tyler Hayes

As a broad comparison, if you’ve enjoyed Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him musical project, Jenny Mayhem has something suited for you. Perfectly quint at first introduction, Jenny Mayhem’s voice dances around the melody on her new single, “Shifter.”

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The song is a mid tempo gem that’s littered with lyrical hints that she’s a big fan of the TV show, Fringe. That, or at least it sparked a thought that resulted in “Shifter” which is a reference to a shape changing person. Regardless of your television habits, the new song is incredibly charming from start to finish, completely unassuming the entire time.

I love my job. Not many people can say that. Why do I love it, you ask? I do nothing but listen to Earbits all day, which provides me some serious time to peruse the up and coming music that we are constantly adding. From Metal to Jazz, and everything in between, I am ever-impressed by the catalog that our music department is building. Frankly, it’s getting ridiculous.

What does this mean to you?

by Tyler Hayes

Back in In 2009 Freelance Whales released Weathervanes, which was then re-released in 2010 by Mom & Pop Records. The band gained a ground swell of attention from that overly rhythmic and incredibly hooky album, slowly getting the name recognition that was well deserved. For those who haven’t managed to grab time with the band, they’re a burst of youth with synth thrown in all the right places. And even years later, their debut album is worth your time.

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This is part of our ongoing series discussing ways of getting on the radio.  To read stories about the successes and failures of great bands that have tried to get on the radio, check out our list of related articles.  To get radio airplay, click here to submit your music to Earbits Radio.

What is your band name?

Falling Andes

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by Tyler Hayes

So, it’s May 2012 and you’re finally writing the correct date. Next thing to reevaluate before the year passes you by is that you’ve at least listened to a few noteworthy albums. This isn’t a list of the best album of the year so far, these 5 albums might not even make your top ten at the end of the year, but you at least need to give them a listen. We’ve all been there when we discover an album a year or more after it came out, and the shame is hard to bare. Don’t let that be you.

Based on the band’s tumblr account, I get the sense that me and the guys in Brooklyn indie band The So So Glos would get along.  In the few weeks that the account has been in existence, the group has posted pictures of flyers for Operation Ivy shows, the WWF’s Undertaker and Rodney Dangerfield album covers, among other pop culture .jpegs that I, and other likeminded music fans, enjoy.  The So So Glos have also been repeatedly recommended by one of my favorite bands, Titus Andronicus.  Titus frontman Patrick Stickles (also a Brooklyn resident) was even wearing a So So Glos t-shirt the first time I saw the group preform.

Cardiff, Wales indie-pop crew Los Campesinos!’s new record Hello Sadness is due out here in the States November 15th, and this week saw the release of opening track “By Your Hand” and a video to accompany.  The new album will be the band’s fourth full-length and the follow-up to 2010’s under-appreciated Romance is Boring.  The new track is traditional Campesinos pop bombast following up their brief acoustic dalliances on last August’s All’s Well That Ends EP.  The video is pretty neat too, and typically self-aware.  Check out both below: