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It’s been a while since rock music has sounded the way Stars In Stereo plays it.  The group approaches its songs with a firm grasp on gritty rock instincts as well as a innate understanding of clean pop sensibilities.  The main attribute of Stars In Stereo, the band’s recently released self-titled album, is that its particular style is difficult to pin down.  It’s not totally heavy and not totally soft, but more a combination of the two than some strange middle-ground.

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Rabbit & The Hare is proof that good things can happen on Craigslist.  The band formed after singer/songwriter Neill MacCallum posted an ad in NYC’s section of the website in search of a “female multi-instrumentalist.”  Marisa Duchowny, a person that happens to fit both of those requirements, also happened to read and respond to that post.  Just like that, with the strange power of the internet, a duo was born.  Marisa became the Rabbit, Neill the Hare.

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Three Of Swords, by Mimi, an eclectic Singer-Songwriter from Toronto, begins with a song called “Goodbye Heartbeat.”  The track contains soft-spoken, airy vocals with varying rhythms and melodies over a frantically pulsating bass line.  An acoustic guitar plucks along steadily.  The song has a dreamy, ethereal quality that’s consistent throughout it’s nearly 4-minute run-time.

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That pleasant tone is maintained throughout the rest of the album, although the ways in which Mimi delivers her songs greatly vary in style and arrangement.  The second track on the album, for instance, is rife with Latin flair— propelled by a cornet part played by Patric McGroarty and spot-on use of Spanish-language vocals.  The song is entitled “Porque Te Vas,” and it’s a cover of José Luis Perales’ 1972 song of the same name (originally performed by Jeanette).

Callel possess the paradoxical sense of gloomy cheerfulness that only a band from Edinburgh could.  They play acoustic-driven indie rock, perfect for any typical rainy day in Scotland.  But they sing with spot-on, upbeat harmonies, the perfect soundtrack to a youthful and vibrant city like their hometown.  They sound like Elliot Smith if Elliot Smith were happy.

My introduction to the band was via a song called “Earthling (Hearts),” which can be found on the band’s 2010 album Body Discovery.  The song showcases the group’s ability to combine a wide variety of styles in order to make something incredibly unique.

Be Brave Bold Robot’s album Under A Thin Veil Of Madness begins with a track dedicated to the narrator (presumably lead vocalist Dean Haakenson)’s mother.  The song, aptly titled “Mamasong,” includes lines that demonstrate appreciation for parents like “I do everything I do, cuz I watched you do it first / and growing up is never easy, but it could’ve been far worse.

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While the song is a charming and lovely tribute to the way Haakenson’s mother raised him, listeners of Be Brave Robot should thank the lady, too.  After all she’s the woman responsible for birthing an immensely talented and delightfully strange folk singer from Sacramento, CA.

by Tyler Hayes

As a broad comparison, if you’ve enjoyed Zooey Deschanel’s She & Him musical project, Jenny Mayhem has something suited for you. Perfectly quint at first introduction, Jenny Mayhem’s voice dances around the melody on her new single, “Shifter.”

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The song is a mid tempo gem that’s littered with lyrical hints that she’s a big fan of the TV show, Fringe. That, or at least it sparked a thought that resulted in “Shifter” which is a reference to a shape changing person. Regardless of your television habits, the new song is incredibly charming from start to finish, completely unassuming the entire time.

In the digital age, one-man bands abound.  Talented artists have the ability to record music from the comfort of their bedrooms, with their laptops as drummers and their keyboards as back-up support.  That’s how Mike Lande started Happy Lives, a Brooklyn-based rock band that infuses their music with electronic, sample-based elements.

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What limits most bands of this nature is the inability to transform the bedroom recordings into captivating live performances.  Happy Lives does not have this problem.  They’re able to seamlessly perform their songs using samples, midi loops and other strangely complex elements of electronica.  And, as the group says in their Earbits Artist Bio, “Live remixes may occur.”

by Tyler Hayes

This isn’t the same Freelance Whales that put out their last album, ‘Weathervanes’, back in 2009. That’s not a bad thing, just fact. Since being greeted with well deserved success, including NPR debuting ‘Diluvia’, the band is clearly writing for the present with the new album rather than write for the past trying to please longstanding and recent fans.

AG has built a career on taking risks. And, she’s at it again!

On October 9th, the anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, AG will release “The Beatles” – her cutting edge EP, featuring six Beatles songs redone with her own personal touch. And, this week, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic track from it, exclusively on Earbits!

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