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The wait is over! The Earbits iPhone app is available now!

If you haven’t heard the news, the Earbits iPhone app is awesome. It will analyze the music from your phone and recommend channels you’ll like from over 400 genre-based selections. Then, we intelligently blend your own music into those channels. The result is awesome music discovery with your favorite tracks mixed in.

Of course, just like the Earbits you are used to, we have no commercials, no subscription fees, and no strings attached. We help you discover new music that you may not find on other platforms, and make it easy to connect with the artist – just touch the G button, and you can instantly join a mailing list, follow on Twitter, and more.

by Tyler Hayes

If you own an iPad, arguably even just an iPhone, and play an instrument, buying Garage Band is a no brainer. Now, if you own an iDevice and even just like listening to music, you should be buying Figure.

Figure is an iPhone app (it will scale up on an iPad) from Propellerhead, the same people who make Reason. That’s important because you can expect some very high quality sounds from this simple, $0.99 app.

That’s right folks, wait no more – Earbits merchandise is here!

Have you ever gone to a club, and been turned away by the bouncer, thanks to your whack wardrobe? Want to impress a girl with your awesome knowledge in music, while still looking like Smokey-and-the-Bandit-era Burt Reynolds? Ever wanted a wing-man you could wear?

Well, Earbits can help. We have just launched the Earbits Store for your shopping pleasure, and we have a lot more than T-Shirts to offer.

Apple recently announced that it will take 30% of revenue from all subscriptions — such as Netflix, The Wall Street Journal, and Sirius XM– which are acquired through their iPhone subscription service.  Apple will also prohibit subscription-based apps from providing links to alternative subscription methods, or from offering better pricing via other methods.

It does makes sense that Apple would want to get in on the profits of popular subscription-based apps (what company aiming for a profit wouldn’t?), and they ought to get something for building in such easy subscription mechanics.  Services like Netflix and Hulu make tons of money off subscriptions and are only benefiting from the ability to get subscribers easier through their handy tools.  Apple’s new policy is a smart and justifiable business decision in terms of the company’s success.