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Mumford & Sons look a little different today.  They’re still scraggly, bearded white guys in boots and vests, but watch the group’s new video for “Hopeless Wanderer” and you’ll notice something’s a bit off.

That’s because the band members themselves are not actually present.  Instead, they’re played by actors Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman and Will Forte, all of whom don’t look too out of place in Mumford-gear and singing folk songs (unlike, say, Zach Galifanakis in his Kanye video).

For Japanese readers or hardcore fans of Weezer/Allister, the following statement may be considered old news: Rivers Cuomo and Allister frontman Scott Murphy made a Japanese-language album.  The album was released on iTunes in late March, and the band (called Scott & Rivers) posted its first single, “Homely Girl,” on YouTube in December.  Consequence of Sound recently pointed to this album and this song for those that are not up-to-date on their Japanese-language music (Scott Murphy has released music in that language on his own before, but the Cuomo collaboration is relatively new).  As that article explains, the fact that Cuomo recorded an album in Japanese is of little surprise.  The artist has been obsessed with East Asian cultures ever since Pinkerton was released (e.g., “Goddamn you half Japanese girls / you do it to me every time“).  More surprising is the fact that such a high-profile American musician was able to sneak out an album catered to an audience in a different country with relatively little press coverage.  Oh, well.  Rivers does stuff like that, you know.

Most artists struggle to master one genre.  Since the late 1960s, Steve Gadd’s been consistently tackling them all.  Gadd is a professional drummer, perhaps one of the world’s most well-renowned players of the instrument.  He’s appeared on albums with Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney Kate Bush and hundreds of other popular and critically-acclaimed artists of various styles and ages.

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